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The best way to keep moving

An island in the Pacific Ocean

Covid-19 Notice: We take the wheel of the situation and we’re doing everything we can to keep our products, so that our PureWheels™ can help you go on the right tracks in these hard times.

Covid-19 is changing our lives and it is going to be difficult to bring back everything into motion after this. This is why you need a good wheel. With PureWheel™, be ready to get back quicker to your Bullshit Job* which will help the economy a lot. And don’t worry about going outside with our wheels. With it, you can go fast enough so the virus can’t catch you.

*If the lock-down is not enough to prove your job is not needed anymore.

Introducing PureWheel

The key idea for a better futur

In today’s global economy, we all need to move. Everyday. Everytime. But what if we made moving easier and cheaper for you? What if we made moving eco-friendly and sustainable? There’s no ifs anymore. The Rainbox Wealth Terra Foundation made it.

Introducing today PureWheel™, the most perfect form of wheel, re-imagined by machine learning.

Re-inventing the wheel has long been a necessity for this modern age. Since the original wheel, our way of life dramatically changed, and the overusing of the wheel could put millions of jobs at jeopardy.

As a non-profit organization, it is our core mission at Rainbox W.T.F., to provide solutions to help employees around the globe keep their jobs. It took years to our scientists to come with a design that our engineering could put to a test. With the help of a newly discovered deep learning algorithm, combined with unlimited compute power from data-centers around the globe, we’ve made it happen.

Our patent pending breakthrough will revolutionize the wheel.

About PureWheel™: The Process

Nature is our guide, we decided to take inspiration from it . To make the wheel at its more natural form, the wood was obviously the best option: resistant, but not too hard like stones, light, we can shape it as we want to create a beautiful design.

But we couldn’t take any type of wood. Today, the trees are too much exploited in the large forests of the world. The wood we find in industry today is always the same. We needed something unique. We had to search further, to make the wheel optimal. So we took the plane and traveled a lot and far away to find the best trees for you.

After many destinations, we went to the Oceanian Realm, where we had the exceptional chance to find a new island with rare trees on it! To add value to the project, we decided to take the exclusive ownership of this place, so YOU would have exclusive materials!

To not waste the resources of our newly discovered Island – we just launched a procedure to make the island the official property of Rainbox W.T.F. – we’re committed to use the totality of the trees available, this way, we paid tribute to the island and to the nature making no waste at all.

And we didn’t stop there! Wood has a reliability rate of 90%. We had to push boundaries, and create a better wood.

We’re happy to announce that our PureWheel reliability rate is 91%. To obtain such a high score, we rely on the blockchain to ensure our process is consistent, transparent and conform to our predefined KPIs.

Once the trees reach our facilities, they are transformed in very small granular dots, roughly 42% thinner than actual dust. From there, our dust is bathed into a proprietary GFGFOV™ Glue solution (GMO-Free, Gluten-Free, Organic and Vegan Glue solution), and poured into PureWheel™ molds. After 10 hours spent in a furnace, the PureWheel™ is removed from the mold, and further polished in our automated human free environment.

That’s how you enhance wood. We are the 1%.

Your happiness is our success.

Design is paramount, and you deserve it. Each PureWheel™ is composed of 1% pure YTI essence, and 99% of your favorite trees essence mix. Your PureWheel™ is uniquely yours, and yours only. We will patent your mix to prevent anyone from getting the same PureWheel™ as you.


We use all means necessary – planes, boats, helicopters… – to allow deliveries all around the world, the quickest as possible – thanks to private transports…

* Some world events causing restrictions like lock-down due to pandemics can make the delivery come late.

We’re hard at work everyday to be sure to deliver you high quality products.


  • Do not put flammable substances on the wheel.
  • Do not put the wheel into flames.
  • Do not leave the wheel into water during a prolonged time.
  • Do not let the wheel to your pets, especially if it is a big dog.
  • Do not try to eat the wheel (even if it’s 100% natural).

To be sure we bring you the best quality, the wheel has been tested many times and in many situations, 100% of the tests succeeded: it rolls perfectly and never fails on rolling!

We compared lots of wood from different trees to select the most beautiful material. Here are some samples we’ve collected to find our final wood (and this is only a very small part of them).

Our first wheel: it’s simple and beautiful: the perfect design for a wheel.

We refined it for perfect shapes; gratifying for the eye and for the touch. The wood is polished and all the edges are delicately sanded. More than that, the wheel has a hub in the middle which allows you to fix an axis to another PureWheelClassic. The hub is also wooden made, to keep the design of the wheel beautiful and sophisticated. When you have this wheel with you, you can be sure it will go along with your elegant style immediately.

All of the qualities of the PureWheelClassic, but lighter!

What do we do with all the inside of the wheel? We remove it! And we add spokes. The spokes are 100% made by the same precious wood. Each wheel have 8 spokes. We’re going to examine and take time to refine each spoke, to make sure they are all perfectly the same. We’re also testing the resistance of the spokes to keep only the most resistant ones. The spoked version of the wheel lightens it to 60% of its weight! It is very useful in case you have to carry your wheel to take it somewhere! And to make this wheel even better, the art of the spoke also strengthen the whole wheel! It’s two benefits for the price of one.

We add a stainless iron rim!

It won’t add weight to your wheel thanks to its natural lightness, but it will increase a lot the robustness of your wheel! It will protect the wood of the asperities of the ground.

If you are used to go on different types of roads or if you live in the countryside, we highly recommend you to take this one. We melt ourselves the iron which guarantees you we put lots of efforts into the making of your wheel, to make it the best it can be.

For the preciousness of the wheel, because you deserve it,we add 1% of precious crystals into the iron. What makes it even more precious is that the crystals are from our island too! This way it’s unique and fits perfectly with the wood. It isn’t just materials, it is the exotic flavors of our island you can have with you each time you go on a ride.

Added to all the benefits of the precedent designs of our wheel: beauty, lightness and robustness, we add the last element to put the wheel at its most perfect form: a tire.

But not any tire; the production process of our caoutchouc make it very soft and smooth; we give it leather aspect for a sophisticated touch, but it is a lot more resistant than leather. The caoutchouc we use is a savage caoutchouc, natural and durable. It is also waterproof and it will bring you a lot of comfort, absorbing the impacts on the roads you take. At this level, we promise you can’t find better. The hub diameter is also reduced, which brings the wheel to a prettier aesthetic.

Rainbox Wealth Terra Foundation, is a part of Rainbox Productions we’ve decided to put on innovation linked to environment. Rainbox Productions is a motion pictures production cooperative. As we make free stuff and art, we do not have enough money, so Rainbox W.T.F. is the best way we’ve found to earn money in different way, bringing true innovation to the world.

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This is our 2nd crowdfunding campaign, but the first in this kind of project.

We’ve thought about lots of things before launching it, and we are more than ready, but one never knows what can happen.

Some events precisely just happened earlier: we started to prepare this
campaign some months ago, so we went to the island we discovered to stay there for a while. What we didn’t expect is that the current complications happening in the world, constrain us to stay on the island. We have an internet access but we can’t come back to our former country. We need your support now more than ever! If you contribute to our meaningful and original project, we promise we will not give up and keep hoping.

Moreover, to sustain our project we were compelled to travel all around the globe, thus we spent a lot of money, but also we need money to survive in this island. We really hope we will sell so many wheels to be able to get off of this place and go back home.

Since our trademark is honesty, we wanted to warn you about the current risk for delivering you wheel: as we are on an isolated place, the time of delivery can be quite affected by the current situation of the world.

Our main goal at the moment, for the sake of the project, is to stay effective on the island, taking well care of it, not wasting too much trees, not putting it on fire despite the mosquitoes, and praying to avoid a natural disaster.

You have to keep in mind the number of trees producing the wood we need on the island is not unlimited, we can’t promise you it will last long enough. If you take to much time to buy yours, we would maybe have used every lasting tree…

After all, we stay confident about our campaign and our promises, our timeline is clear and quite safe. We have already started the production of the wheels and we are working every day to progress into our goals.

Stay tuned, we will keep you informed of the evolution of this unique project.

The Rainbox W.T.F Team.
Sébastien Périer
Léa Saint-Raymond
And all the Rainbox Prod and Rainbox Lab Teams. That’s thousands of people.